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"Go often to the house of thy friend, weeds choke the unused path."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Kerr Legacy & Historical Center and the Dream No Little Dream Foundation are proud to honor this historic property in a manner so befitting the legacy of Senator and Mrs. Kerr, as well as the many great men and women of this wonderful nation who came before and after.


In the spirit of hope and renewal; of learning and growing; and of prospering in the inextinguishable torch of liberty and freedom, the Kerr Legacy & Historical Center will operate the home and its grounds by celebrating the philosophies and tenets exemplified throughout Senator and Mrs. Kerr’s illustrious and storied lives – faith, family, business and public service.

In the 1914 issue of The Psagi (East Central State University’s yearbook) there was a notation regarding Robert S. Kerr, it stated:


Everybody knows Bob, but not everybody likes him. He knows this, but is not worried about it in the least. ‘Fair-minded men will differ on important questions,’ he says.


It is our sincere belief that “We the People of the United States…” inherently strive to be “fair-minded.” And, while endeavoring to be fair-minded is fraught with subjective processes exacerbated by extraneous influences, many important questions do exist. Therefore, our objective is to be a center where constructive forums that encourage debate of important matters affecting our state; our country; and our world are promoted and held throughout the year.

“I do not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Evelyn Beatrice Hall

To further our purpose, we will utilize this historically significant property to provide a setting conducive to stimulating awareness of how individuals can emerge from any walk of life; face any of life’s challenges; navigate the vagaries of the constantly shifting landscape of our country and the world; apply themselves in meaningful and contributive ways; and realize their dreams and ambitions – whatever they may be.

The Kerr Legacy & Historical Center is a wonderfully unique place with a collaborative environment fostering interaction among diverse individuals who seek to gain a better understanding of effective communication. Our goals are to translate the lessons learned from Senator and Mrs. Kerr’s lives with a shared vision to those who seek to enhance the quality of their lives; their communities; their country; and their world. We will promulgate the consensus belief in the right of all individuals to engage fully and to actively participate in the social, cultural, economic and political systems that impact their lives. Therefore, individuals, especially any who are committed to public service, should strive to understand, engage and transform the myriad of complex institutions to ensure equity, seek to eliminate injustice and effect positive change across the breadth and depth of our country. We believe that all individuals have the inalienable right to reach their full potential and we steadfastly hold to the importance of embodying the spirit of democracy.

We are proud to honor this historic property in a manner so befitting the legacy of Senator and Mrs. Kerr, as well as the many great men and women of this wonderful nation who came before and after.

Excerpts From An Interview on the Longines Chronoscope with Senator Robert S. Kerr

May 16, 1952


Commentators were William Bradford Huie and James H.R. Cromwell


Mr. Cromwell: How do you stand, Senator, on the so called welfare state, do you believe in what is generally known as the welfare state, that the state should do all kinds of things for the citizen, such as unemployment insurance, social security, you expressed the idea that you did not approve of socialized medicine I believe.


Senator Kerr: Never, in any form or degree, but I am for the things that you have talked about. To my mind they don’t of themselves identify anything as a welfare state, that’s just another term. The federal government belongs to the people, and they expect it to serve them, and as it does so constructively, they will support it, and if it doesn’t, they will repudiate it. But the greatest service it can render the people is to improve the opportunity of the average citizen to build his own security. But at the same time recognize that the many reforms and improvements in the way of social progress and social security which we have brought about are to the people’s benefit and the people aim to keep ‘em.


Mr. Huie: Speaking generally sir, do you, as a citizen and as an American, are you concerned about the fact that that the federal government may be gaining too much power over the individual citizen of this country?


Senator Kerr: I am always concerned about any level of government gaining too much power over the individual citizen.


Mr. Huie: You're suspicious of power?


Senator Kerr: Always! Wherever it may be. Economic power, or governmental power.

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