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The Foundation’s ongoing mission is “Supporting Initiatives to Unlock Human Potential” through organizations and individuals whose principles, values, work ethic and philosophies are concomitant with those of Senator and Mrs. Kerr. The translation of this vison for the property will be through the mutually beneficial efforts of the Foundation and…

…the Kerr Legacy & Historical Center, Inc. (hereinafter “KLHC”). KLHC was originally founded in 2014 as Friends of the Kerr Mansion, Inc., a 501(c)(3) entity under the IRS code with the sole purpose of saving Senator and Mrs. Kerr’s landmark property from further damage and deterioration. The change in the name reflects the ongoing dedication of KLHC’s board and the evolving theme for the home and its forty acres of land. The board is comprised of fellow Oklahomans and others seeking to preserve this historic home and its grounds in honor of the legacy of Senator and Mrs. Kerr. Therefore, KLHC will act in coordination with the Foundation to restore, preserve and efficiently operate the KLHC in a manner consistent with the original mandate when gifting the property to the State of Oklahoma in 1978. The Foundation and KLHC’s collective vision is to enhance the property’s undeniable beauty; build upon its enduring and formidable structural quality; and begin effectuating plans to take full advantage of its underserved capabilities while being optimally utilized for the purposes as stated above.


The Foundation and KLHC will honor the former home of Senator and Mrs. Kerr as a venue that serves to bring people together in a way that affords the opportunity to share in the theme of their lives – faith, family, business and public service – to Dream No Little Dream in pursuit of individual aspirations. All activities and educational forums are focused on serving the people of Oklahoma, the region and the nation.


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